Web application

We offer web application development services to our prospective customers, today work process are now automated using data as the fuel, our development pattern are top notch, and we carry you along in every phase of the web application development.

Tools we use to keep you on the development process?





Logistic platform

Taxi booking platform

Hotel booking platform

Flight booking platform

Online Banking platform

Music/Video streaming services

Classified ads platform

Social Dating Platforms

Gaming platform

Crypto application

And more...

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  • Cloud hosting (1 year).
  • Google search result presence
  • Business email for 5 users ([email protected])
  • 1 year web hosting plan
  • 1 year domain name plan (.com/.com.ng/.ng)
  • 50GB storage space
  • Social media pages
  • Google Analytics
  • Development period: less than 3 Months

Best for large funded startups / organizations with large infrastructure and need custom features for their products and services.

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